WebMoney is one of the most popular online payment systems and comprehensive tools for online business activities! 

WM Transfer Ltd is the owner and administrator of
 Transfer Online Payment System, established in 1998. The software is developed by JSC "Computing Forces", a company that also provides technical support and maintenance. 

To join WebMoney, you need to install a Client Interface on your PC, PDA or mobile device, register with the System, accept its Terms of Use and receive WMID - your unique identification number, which will serve as your account number and identifier when using the System. The registration process also requires Verification. Every user should apply for and receive a WM Passport — an online document, supplied during registration, which serves to verify your personal data. 

Depending on your technical capabilities, available resources or specific demands, WebMoney provides you with various tools free of charge to assist in performing operations and transactions within the System:
WM Keeper Classic — a standalone application, which can be dowloaded and then installed onto your PC 
WM Keeper Light — a browser application that doesn't require installation of client software onto a user's PC. All operations are routed via secure https- connection 
Telepat — a technology, enabling the operation of an account via any mobile device or cell phone, that supports Java. It has an integrated voice menu and Java midlet, and provides automatic payments for merchants and paid services. 

Every WM User earns points for his/her activity within the System. The summary of activity level, volume of transactions, positive or negative feedback from other users, and the number of active correspondents leads to the achievment of a certain Business Level (BL). BL status is shown next to the WMID in various System applications and services, and acts as an appraisal tool and confidence indicator.

The System supports several types of e-currency, secured by various resources and tangibles. Each e-currency has a dedicated electronic wallet, called a Purse: 
WMR — equivalent to RUR ( R-Purse), 
WMZ — equivalent to USD (Z-Purse),  
WME — equivalent to EUR (E-Purse), 
WMU — equivalent to UAH (U-Purse), 
WMB — equivalent to Belorussian Roubles (B-Purse),  
WMY — equivalent to Uzbek Sum (Y-Purse) 
WM-C and WM-D — WMZ equivalent for transactions on С- and D-purses 
New! WMG — equivalent of Gold (G-Purse) 

Important! You can only transfer funds between purses of equal e-currency (that is from R to R-Purse only, from Z to Z-Purse, etc.); all other transactions are considered to be exchange operations and can only be carried out using Exchange services

Each group of WM units is issued by a Guarantee Agency (the Guarantor) - a separate entity, that stores and controls the currency release, fixes equivalent exchange rates, provides legal environment and defines rules and terms of use as per local legislation in force. 

The Guarantor for WMR transactions is «WMR» Ltd, a company, representing WebMoney Transfer in the Russian Federation. 
The Guarantor for WMZ transactions is Amstar Holdings Limited, S.A.. 
The Guarantor for WME transactions is Netec Financial ltd. 
The Guarantor for WMU transactions is «Ukrainian Guarantee Agency» LLC. 
The Guarantor for WMY transactions is Uzbek Guarantee Agency «TILLO-GARANT» LLC.
The Guarantor for WMB transactions is «Technobank» JSC 
The Guarantor for WMG (WM Gold) transactions is WM Metals FZE.

Other companies not mentioned in this list are authorized dealers or independent exchange offices only. WebMoney is not liable for their actions. Unauthorized use of trademarks, names, logos and company symbols can lead to expulsion from the System and can result in blocking of access to WM Accounts.

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