Moneybookers is one of the most known electronic payment systems on the West. Moneybookers Ltd. (Great Britain) is officially registered in the Wales in 2003. Its legal address has a physical binding to London. The name officially changed into SKRILL in 2012.

Activity of Moneybookers Ltd. It is regulated according to " the Law on financial operations of the United Kingdom " - FSA (Financial Services Authority of the United Kingdom). 
At present, through moneybookers passes transactions for a total sum about 900 million euro. The quantity of the user accounts in system comes nearer by 1.300.000. In this case the number of the registered accounts strictly corresponds to the number of unique users of system. By rules moneybookers, each legal or physical person can have only one account.

Banks, Internet-shops, bookemakers’ offices etc. use this Internet-payments system services. By moneybookers it is very convenient to pay for Skype services. The Web-masters can accept payments from credit cards of their clients on a site of moneybookers. 

With moneybookers there are working a big network of Internet-casinos. Strangely enough, but owing to this feature moneybookers can use citizens of the CIS and Russia.

Moneybookers is international EPS (Electronic payment system), and it means, that every inhabitant of planet can freely open an account in system. However, here there are two restrictions. 
1. In the users’ citizenship country it must be admited the Norms of international law, the rules of the " the Organizations of economic cooperation and development ".
2. The age qualification. The owners’ age of the account of moneybookers must be18-years and more.

The additional software for work with the account is not required. Number of the account of the user in moneybookers will be the e-mail address specified in registration data (primary or primary e-mail). Thus there is an opportunity to adhere to the account a some secondary e-mail addresses. To send transfers it is possible both on the primary electronic address, and on secondary addresses.

The minimal sum of transfer in moneybookers - USD 0,01, or its equivalent in other currency. The notice on receipt of money for the account comes in the form of the electronic letter with the link, clicking on which, the addressee of payment let the system to know, that the received sum is demanded by him. In case of if the addressee has not claimed for the sum within 14 days, it comes back to the account of the payer. 

For convenience of users moneybookers realized an opportunity of sending of the fixed sums of the certain date to constant addressees without direct participation of the payer. 

The commission of system is kept only from the sender of payment that makes 1 % from the sum of transaction. That is interesting, even if you translate rather large sums, commission moneybookers never will exceed EUC 0.50 (fifty eurocents). The system has a limit of money for sending - EURO 15.000 in a 3 months. 
It is necessary to note you about rather generous partner’s program of moneybookers. Within a year you will receive on 30 % from each commission of the person involved by you. 

Moneybookers assumes multi-values using. 

It means that user can freely use in his calculations national currency of the country which is suitable for him, and presents in the nominal list of values. However if you do not have real necessity for the account of other currency it is preferable to open the account in USD (US dollars).

The safety of moneybookers, under condition of observance of rules of service, remains to one of the highest, in comparison with others EPS. The new user account is created with very low limits on adding, withdrawal and transferring. That brings to nothing any frauds with "washing up" of money through this system. 

One of the main features moneybookers consists that it does not suppose anonymous registration of client accounts. It essentially reduces risk of swindle with monetary units considered EPS. Addressees of your payments in system can and should see your real name and a surname. If you wish to send and receive freely payments through moneybookers, it is necessary to pass a compulsory procedure of verification of the account. Verification is aimed at being convinced of real existence of the person who has specified the registration data. Your personal information received by administration EPS is kept confidentially., it is not given to the third parties, it can only be given by inquiry of law enforcement bodies of the Great Britain. 

For the CIS countries it is stipulated three ways of an identifying of the person of client of system, depending on what opportunities of moneybookers the owner of the account assumes to use.

1. For realization of transfers from a bank card on the account in moneybookers the user should send to address of system scan of its bank card and obverse and turnaround parties. Besides it, it is necessary to send the scan of the civil passport as the identification card. For confirmation of the address of residency it is possible to send, for example, the receipt on payment of municipal services.

2. To have an opportunity to send transfers from moneybookers on the personal bank account it is required to pass a procedure of sending a test bank transfer into the account of the client in bank. Together with test transfer the user receives a special code which needs to be entered on a moneybookers web site for end of verification. 
At transfer of money to the main bank account, the system keeps from the user the fixed sum at a rate of EURO 1.80. And while transfering money by a check, the sum of obligatory deduction in of system is EURO 3.50. 

Besides in moneybookers it is possible to register at once some personal bank accounts, one of which will be the main (primary). Cost of transfer into the main account- EURO 1.80. Transfer into secondary accounts will manage to you in EURO 3.50 on each of them. The primary account can be only in your country of residency. Secondary bank accounts can be anywhere. Thus moneybookers can correctly process your payment, if it is transferring to the secondary account in other country, the money will be reconverted in currency of that country where the bank of the addressee is situated. For example, if your USD-account is in Latvia the American dollars will be automatically reconverted in the Latvian Lat. Then, at transfer in bank, they will be back converted in US dollars. On this operation the user will necessarily lose some percent from the sum of transfer. 

3. At last, last way of verification - the deposit of the small test sum from your bank card. Thus, the client of system can send remittances on card VISA. Cards VISA Electron of the CIS countries are not supported. Also the given way of verification does not assume adding the account in moneybookers from VISA card. 

To the known lacks of moneybookers can be add the followings:

1. Rules of service moneybookers forbid use of exchange services. According to the policy of EPS, the user can take advantage of rather limited ways of a conclusion. 
2. According to all available information, to send money from the account in moneybookers by check to Russia is not more obviously possible. Besides transfers into the WebMoney are forbidden. Thus, unique way of a conclusion of money from moneybookers for citizens of Russia there is a bank transfer.
3. Everywhere users can mention low culture of dialogue of administration moneybookers. From technical service support EPS sometimes it is necessary to wait for the answer about 3 weeks and more.

For successful registration in payment system Moneybookers it is necessary: 
- To come under the reference link register on the main page of system; 
- To fill the registration form including following fields: 
Confirm email 
Password/Confirm password 
First Name 
Last Name 
Address 1 
Address 2 
Postal Code 
Phone Number 
Mobile number 
Date of Birth 
Preferred Language 
Question One 
Answer One 
Question Two 
Answer Two 
Turing Number 
- We put a tick in last point in front of the inscription " I signify my full acceptance of moneybookers' General Terms and Conditions of Membership and Privacy Policy. ". It means, that you agree with rules. 
- To press button Register 
- At successful registration on your e-mail will come a letter with confirming number which is necessary for entering on the page which has appeared after pressing of button Register. Term of activation of 7 days.