We are providing to interested persons for payments by VIRTUAL VISA CARDS, 



3$    Visa Virtual Card (METABANK) 12USD


NAME ----------------------------------------Price    Balance         


Virtual Visa Classic 100 RUR (RUS Bank)  14USD  (3USD) 

Virtual Visa Classic 200 RUR (RUS Bank)  17USD  (6USD)

Virtual Visa Classic 300 RUR (RUS Bank)  21USD  (9USD)

Virtual Visa Classic 500 RUR (RUS Bank)  29USD  (15USD)

Virtual Visa Classic 1000 RUR (RUS Bank) 49USD (31USD)

Virtual Visa Classic 1500 RUR (RUS Bank) 69USD  (47USD)

Virtual Visa Classic 2000 RUR (RUS Bank) 89USD  (64USD)

Virtual Visa Classic 2500 RUR (RUS Bank) 108USD (80USD)

Virtual Visa Classic 3000 RUR (RUS Bank) 128USD (94USD)




5USD     Virtual Visa Card (RUS Bank)  Price - 15USD

10USD   Virtual Visa Card (RUS Bank)  Price - 21USD

 15USD   Virtual Visa Card (RUS Bank)  Price - 27USD

 20USD   Virtual Visa Card (RUS Bank)  Price - 32USD

 25USD   Virtual Visa Card (RUS Bank)  Price - 38USD

 30USD   Virtual Visa Card (RUS Bank)  Price - 44USD

 35USD   Virtual Visa Card (RUS Bank)  Price - 50USD

 40USD   Virtual Visa Card (RUS Bank)  Price - 55USD

 45USD   Virtual Visa Card (RUS Bank)  Price - 61USD

 50USD   Virtual Visa Card (RUS Bank)  Price - 67USD

 60USD   Virtual Visa Card (RUS Bank)  Price - 78USD

70USD   Virtual Visa Card (RUS Bank)  Price - 90USD


 80USD   Virtual Visa Card (RUS Bank)  Price - 101USD

 90USD   Virtual Visa Card (RUS Bank)  Price - 114USD

 100USD Virtual Visa Card (RUS Bank)  Price - 124USD

 150USD Virtual Visa Card (RUS Bank)  Price - 181USD

 200USD Virtual Visa Card (RUS Bank)  Price - 238USD

 250USD Virtual Visa Card (RUS Bank)  Price - 295USD

 300USD Virtual Visa Card (RUS Bank)  Price - 352USD

 350USD Virtual Visa Card (RUS Bank)  Price - 408USD

 400USD Virtual Visa Card (RUS Bank)  Price - 455USD

 500USD Virtual Visa Card (RUS Bank)  Price - 566USD

 600USD Virtual Visa Card (RUS Bank)  Price - 678USD

 700USD Virtual Visa Card (RUS Bank)  Price - 789USD 

800USD Virtual Visa Card (RUS Bank)  Price - 900USD

900USD Virtual Visa Card (RUS Bank)  Price - 1011USD

Virtual VISA Classic card, is used especially for internet payments. You can pay via it to buy everything you want, how you are doing it by plastic VISA card. But you don't need to apply for it to the bank, and wait for providing a cards to you, pay for annual service of the card, and so on. All the card requisitions you will get immediately. You can use this VISA Classic for payments in following and many other websites -,,,,,,,,,,,, Lineage2,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (Norton),,, and so on... Al this Visa Classic cards are producing by Russian bank - associated member of Visa International. With this card you can pay in the following currencies – RUR, EURO, USD and so on. The payment amount is converted automatically to the preferred currency with the. Attention, the difference of the currency exchange rates can be different depends on in what country website you are doing the transaction, and the difference can be 4-5% comparing with Russian Central bank rates. The balance on the card will be 100RUBLES (3USD). Duration: 1 month Recommendations: In most cases payments by these Visa Classic cards is not difficult. For that you can pay, you have to input the requisitions of the card to the according lines on the website: 16 digits unique number, code CVV2, and date of expiry.  




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